Analysis Of The Book ' Deaf ' By Mark Drolsbaugh

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In 1997, Mark Drolsbaugh printed a book titled Deaf Again. In this book, Mark narrates his life story from a hearing child to deaf adult and all of his hardships. Mark was a hearing child born to deaf parents. As he matured, his hearing began to worsen and soon he was labeled as deaf, communicating became harder. He would make mistakes in class and be ridiculed for it. He did not understand the reason for the ridicule and eventually stopped putting effort in his studies. A pediatrician told his parents to look into speech therapy and hearing aids for him. His parents felt he would be happier if he connected more with his hearing side than subject him to a life ruled by his disability. However, his parents were fluent in ASL and regularly communicated with each other by signing. His guardians felt being taught to sign would hinder his development. As he aged, he experienced a larger disconnect from the hearing world, resulting in an isolating feeling. Eventually Mark learned ASL and gradually let the Deaf culture become a bigger part of his life. As his involvement in the Deaf culture grew he found a comradery that he had never had before. Soon, he began to see the value that came from communication and relationships with others above all else. Mark mentions how his parents decided against teach him to sign when he was a child. This was because they felt it would be hindrance to his speech development and limit his educational progress. This is a common occurrence in the…

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