Analysis Of The Book ' Dex '

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Dex a 27 year old man born in America, member of the United States Navy Seal, a well honor lieutenant and a soldier who won tons of prestige medal, Dex grew up in California with his wife(Ariana) and has one kid (Ace). Dex medals represent every aspect of his combat in the field. Dex was very destined to be a Navy seal because most people from his generation had been in the army with high honor. Dex would not ruin the streak of his generation being in the army so this is why the join the army.

Dex had recently got a called from his boss to come over to the military base and to have a talk about his next mission. Dex left his house and his family behind also leaving his normal life behind for this last mission, his wife, his children were worried and tearing because they are afraid that there dad is going to die. Dex wrap his hand around the his son and ace ask his father.

”Daddy will you die.” said Ace Dex

“No son I won’t.” his daddy said in a sad face.

Dex left his house waving his hand goodbye and seeing the tear of his family impair his mind for second, the image of his crying family was now trap in his mind, Dex was also crying. Dex turn around seeing wife closing the door and seeing his wife tear that was drip on the ground leaving a trail of water.

The pentagon had located the ISIS headquarter by sending an undercover CIA into the headquarter.…
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