Analysis Of The Book ' Disgrace Byj.m Coetzee '

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When one tries to relate the protagonists David Lurie from Disgrace, Changez from The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Offred from The Handmaiden’s Tale, they appear to be polar opposites from each other with no similar characteristics, motives or personality types. However, there are similarities on how the authors developed their principal characters of the books through the relationships that the protagonist have with other characters, primarily their love interests. Offred, David Lurie and Changez relationships with their love interests have key similarities that provide the framework for the characters’ development through this interaction. The book Disgrace by J.M Coetzee is about a white Romantic literature professor named David Lurie, living in post-apartheid South Africa. When David Lurie is introduced, he is a self-centered and egotistical man who follows his own rules and strives to satisfy his obsessive lust for females as sexual objects. David tries to initiate a sexual relationship with a prostitutes and then one of his college students, Melanie Isaacs which results in his resignation from the college and living with his daughter on a farm. Throughout the novel, he encounters characters like Bev Shaw (a woman runs an animal shelter), Petrus (an African who works for Lucy) and even the father of Melanie Isaacs that creates a turning point for David, making him realize his transformation as a hollow shell of the man he once was. It is through these interactions…

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