Analysis Of The Book ' Don Quixote '

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Frame Story Author and journalist, Barbara Reynolds, in a scholarly review by Arthur Terry, stated that the book Don Quixote, “…offers a great detail, especially the interesting introduction, the excellent notes, and the helpful cast of characters. Students and other serious readers of the classics will be grateful.” (Terry 107) Reynolds expresses her opinion that Don Quixote is a well written and highly recommended novel. Within the book, there are a series of short stories, poems, and essays. Though this is a good novel, there is some debate as to whether or not the first six chapters of the book are an exemplary novel, yet this should not be a dispute seeing as the six chapters contain the qualities and characteristics of an exemplary novel. An exemplary novel is a collection of short stories originating from Spanish literature. It is used to tell a moral lesson presented by a problem or issue that one should learn from. (NHSL 107) An exemplary novel also contains all of the characteristics of a standard novel such as setting, character development, and plot.
In the book, Don Quixote, the moral lesson is not to believe in fictional novels that one reads for it will cause misfortune and suffering. The reader can gather the ideas of this lesson by looking specifically into each one of Don Quixote’s adventures for example, the scene with the young boy and the peasant, or the scene with the merchants. When Don Quixote acting as a knight rode upon the peasant beating the
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