Analysis Of The Book ' Don 't Judge A Boy '

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I. SHORT ANSWER 1. The cover of the book uses the tagline “Don’t judge a boy by his face”, because the book is about a boy named Auggie who does not look like everybody else. When he goes to school for the first time, most of his other fifth grade peers decide to judge him, not become his friend, and try to avoid him. What they don’t know is that under that skin is a funny, kind, and smart boy who just wants to be treated like a normal kid. 2. Via, Auggie’s older sister feels that she is a moon that orbits around Auggie, the sun, because her parents mostly focus on Auggie, making him the center of attention. In her mind, everyone would rather listen to Auggie’s problems instead of hers. 3. On Halloween Auggie dressed up as the bleeding scream. Halloween is Auggie’s favorite holiday because it is the only day of the year where he gets to wear a mask all day. On that day he feels and is treated like a normal boy. II. QUOTATIONS 4. “Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcome the world,” is Auggie’s summer precept. August Pullman is the main character in the book. He goes to school for the first time and has to face the struggles of being the new kid on top of the challenges of not looking like everybody else. One day, his older sister, Via, unexpectedly starred as the lead role in her school play. She did such a great job; she received a standing ovation from the audience. Auggie automatically wanted a standing ovation as well. On the day of
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