Analysis Of The Book ' Eclipse ' Essay

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Reading? Writing? Pfft please. Who likes to read and write? In fourth grade, we were given a topic and had to write a creative story about it. However, I would just want to slap my face against the keyboard and prayed that I will get a story out of that or it would type a story for me. Unfortunately, neither of those worked out for me. I was close minded. I really did not care if you enjoy horror movies or if you prefer comedy. Opinions? I really did not care for any. I did not even care for my own, in which lead me to reading. Honestly, who can read the first page and not blank out? Give me a book series, such as Twilight and I will read each book and still blank out until the novel Eclipse, which is the last book out of four. I still will not have a clue of what is going on, even though each novel has a story of its own. Eighth grade, even if it was four years later, nothing has changed about reading and writing. My vocabulary was at a low range, so when the term “genocide” popped up, I automatically thought of science, as in gene, or genetics. I could have sworn up and down, side to side that “gen-” was a prefix. But I was told that I was wrong. The “-cide” is actually the prefix I should focus on in the word. Genocide was brought up, which lead towards the crucial event, The Holocaust. Freshmen year, I clearly remember the moment when the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel became a reading assignment for me. All I could think of was “ I do not want to read this book, just

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