Analysis Of The Book ' Ephesians '

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What is the significance of mentioning the coming ages? Where is this being addressed? Was there a strong understanding of who Satan was? The genre of Ephesians is Epistles. Read the whole epistle in one sitting to get the big idea of the letter and its main contours. Try to write a big idea/theme of the book after reading it. Think in terms of the paragraphs being the main units of thought. Beware of isolating verses from the paragraph. Knowing the structure of epistles helps you know where you are in the letter. Do some background reading in order to understand better the epistle’s main contours and its historical and cultural setting. Paul wrote the book of Ephesians, while he was imprisoned. The date that Ephesians was written is best dated between 60-90 AD, but closer to 90 since Ignatius is the earliest known person to quote it. Traditionally it is understood that this letter was written to believers in Ephesus of Asia Minor. Through this book Paul reveals who we are with and without Christ. Ephesians discusses the topic of blending the Jewish and non-Jewish Christians into one community. The reoccurring theme in Ephesians is God’s purpose and plan in offering redemption to His people and the manifestation of that purpose in the life of the believer. Ephesians seeks to shape believers by reminding them how wonderful God’s work in Christ is, how significant their unity with Christ is, and what living for Christ looks like. Redemption has made it possible for
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