Analysis Of The Book ' Everyday Use '

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In the reading, Everyday Use, there are three characters who all seem to be different, but are from the same bloodline. Though this story can be interpreted to have a lot of meaning, I am going to use this story uses this story to signify characterization, comparing the women in the story, introducing each characters motives of life, and also the meaning of Family Heritage for African Americans. Walker, who is the author of this piece, includes a woman in the story referring to her as, Mama. The author of this story is interpreting everything from Mama’s perspective. She gives specific characterization to each character talked about in this story.
Mama is an African American women has lived a very rough life. Growing up for Mama, she did not receive the proper education as her daughter, Dee. In the story, the author tells us that Mama only reached 2nd grade in her academic. Since then, she have worked hard to provide for her family. Mama only wanted the best possess possible for her daughters, Dee and Maggie. She also enjoys performing many tasks that are portrayed to be very masculine. While reading, Walker then gave us Mama’s perspective of her two girls: Maggie and Dee.
According to the story, Mama described each one of her girls- referring to Maggie as the more caring and family oriented one, and Dee, as the more assertive, yet educated daughter. In the story, Dee is returning to her hometown, with a friend who she referred to as, Hakim-a-barber. We are not sure if…
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