Analysis Of The Book ' Fifth Business '

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Iridescent is a showing of luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles. The novel Fifth Business has many angles in which one can approach it. One of these is Marxism, the origins of Marxism come from Karl Marx who was a philosopher that created a definition of what is a perfect socialist society. This perfection would make both the bourgeoisie and the proletariat equal, this is not the case in Robertson Davies novel Fifth Business. Percy is a character in which is all that Marx views oppose. Elements of Marx ideology can be interpreted and used to foreshadow the fate of Percy Boyd Staunton. Percy’s first encounter with these elements will shape his life Conspicuous consumption is a Marxist concept in which a consumer displays their wealth through items. This concept is displayed during the introduction of Percy Boyd Staunton “His parents were rich, his clothes were fine,and his mittens were of skin…”(Fifth Business 3). This description classes Percy’s family among the elite of society in comparison to Dunstan’s. Percy’s father a dentist, landowner and farmer was the capitalist of Deptford with a very limited economic vision. This upbringing created an adventure capitalist in which similar characteristics can be seen within Percy that can be seen as an addiction that will slowly warp Percy’s fate . Percy’s religious beliefs are changed by Reverend George Leadbeater who was a rich reverend from New York who made 37 times more than the average
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