Analysis Of The Book ' Fish Out Of Water '

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After a retired mobster fakes his death to hide from the mob, he attempts to reconcile with his estranged soccer-mom daughter and grandson, by taking charge of the annual PTA fundraiser. STORY COMMENTS GRANDFELLA is a delightful and entertaining mobster-crime, comedy. It conjures up sweet memories of ANALYZE THAT, MEET THE FLOCKERS, and GOODFELLAS. The tone is light-hearted. The script features an extremely appealing hook: a seasoned mobster decides to retire and reconcile with his estranged daughter and grandson. He goes from being a big time mobster negotiator to a small town PTA fundraiser. There’s an amusing “fish out of water” element to the storytelling. Solid themes about second chances, respect, reconnection, and redemption are well interwoven into the plot. The script features a very likable and charming protagonist in Nick. He’s a retired mobster, forced to fake his death, and he struggles to adjust to his new world by using his old enforcer techniques. It’s a smart story choice. It’s fun to watch Nick bring his skills as a gangster to this small town. They learn from him, as he learns to love and care about others. At the end, he realizes his real family is not his crew, but his daughter and grandson, as well as the folks in the town. There’s a lot to like about this script. There’s a well-defined three-act structure. The goal is clear and the stakes are high. There are some nice plants and payoffs (the bracelet). First, the opening sets the tone for this
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