Analysis Of The Book ' Four Kinds Of Chance ' By James H. Frank

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The Chance to have good or bad Luck. There are times in life that we attribute good luck to our hard work, dedication or talent but there are some other times when we can say that luck is just a chance that we get. As we can see on the work of this two authors James H. Austin the author of “Four kinds of chance” published in Saturday Review and Robert H. Frank author of “why luck matters much more than you think” published in The Atlantic (May 2016) they show the reader how chances can influence in different ways. After reading their work I consider Robert H Frank article more effectively fulfills his thesis. Austin article was more dedicated to the general public, students, adults, people who not necessarily needs to have education. In his article he uses a vocabulary that most of the people could understand also he gave us definitions in some of the words like for instance the phrase “like a mirage” (p.11) he explained with a lot of details what mirage was, by doing this we as a reader can have more knowledge of why he is using that word as an example. He informed us since the begging that he was going to talk about four varieties of chance and the best way to start with the definition of chance. As we continue reading he guides us by referring to the chances as Chance I, Chance II, Chance III and concluding with Chance IV where we realize that he express more and have a detail example on how chance IV works. If we move to the examples we can perceive that he is showing

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