Analysis Of The Book ' From Aunt Jullia '

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“From Aunt Jullia when we would slowly drive around Memorial and River Oaks to get new ideas and admire what we saw. You probably know that it takes talent to not over do it, especially when you have a lot of money.” Barbara then looked directly at the moon and said, “Do you think that bright beautiful moon, casting its light on the plants and creating shadows had something to do with the Creator’s plan? Or what happens when the moon shines down on you, and what does it create or add to your complex being?” Cassie, at the time, wasn’t thinking of her self but about Robert Cody and, “I wonder what Robert Cody is like alone, and I wonder why he looks so sad.” “Tomorrow, why don’t you ask Uncle Ignacio that question, and besides, he would appreciate your interest. You know, I think that Uncle Ignacio likes you.” *** Breakfast was at 8:30 the following morning on a screened porch adjacent to the kitchen and overlooking the lake. Cassie was the last to be seated as she made sure that her face was shiny and each hair was brushed into place. After a small glass of fresh juice made from blood oranges imported from Italy she looked at her Mother, then Uncle Ignacio, and said “Uncle Ignacio, tell me about Robert Cody.” He was not surprised by the question, and although he knew that his innocent love affair was a fantasy, and that young love is called that for a reason, he smiled and said “I guess I have been jilted again, and at my age it isn’t as painful. At the moment Aunt Martha

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