Analysis Of The Book ' From The Brain ' By Tobias Wolff

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Perhaps we do not realize the impact of the petty things we have experienced when life itself flashes before our eyes. Even though our lives are composed of countless moments to remember, sometimes we do not understand how they slowly shape who we are and how we see the world. This is what Tobias Wolff suggests in his short story, “Bullet in the Brain”. The story focuses on the internal journey of a man named Anders when his life comes to a close. A well crafted look into the memories of Anders gives readers distaste for all he takes for granted and demonstrates his lack of sympathy. The story begins with Anders in line at a bank. After one of the tellers closes her line and all the patrons become impatient, two bank robbers with guns enter the bank. The robbers cuff the security guard and begin demanding money from the tellers. Anders makes too many sarcastic and critical comments, and as a consequence, one of the bank robbers shoots him in the head with a pistol. The entire second part of the short story focuses on the thoughts Anders experiences as the bullet travels through his brain. The narrator begins to discuss many seemingly irrelevant memories from his life, and surfaces how he does not think about or remember any of those moments as his life comes to a close. Instead, the narrator ends the story with Anders recalling a time from his childhood where him and his friends were playing baseball, and tells how a particular phrase his friend uses makes him feel aroused.…
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