Analysis Of The Book ' Gates Of Fire '

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Steven Pressfield, author of Gates of Fire, is a passionate philosopher that explores the actions of men over history. He was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in 1943 to a Navy father and mother. After graduating from Duke University in 1965 he then began his journey in living life for his temporary interests. He interests in the very aspect of war. He contemplates why men have the urge to fight, the drive to kill perplexes him. He connects with his characters, Pressfield says, "It is one thing to study war, and another to live the warrior 's life” (“About | Steven Pressfield”). Pressfield struggles with making a living off of his books he writes, although fantastic reads, he has also had other jobs that molded who he is. Such jobs include advertising copywriter, schoolteacher, tractor-trailer driver, bartender, oilfield roustabout, attendant in a mental hospital, fruit-picker in Washington state, and screenwriter. His interest with Thermopylae is simply because of the intense fascination of the Spartan militia. There are several important characters in Gates of Fire all of which all have wonderful character development. Xeones is our main character who is the narrator himself. Xeones practices good morals from when he was young, all the way until the end of the story when he dies in his most likely twenties. Xeones has several misfits with himself throughout the entire book. Early in his youth, when he was just surviving after the sack of his home city, he contemplates
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