Analysis Of The Book ' Genesis '

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Response Paper: Genesis The book of Genesis is the first book of the Bible that lays the foundation on what the whole Bible is about. The first verse of Genesis states, “In the beginning.” These words show us that before anything ever existed, God existed. Most cannot fathom the fact that God was not created, but He always has, always is, and always will be; which gives us a sense of assurance that we are in a relationship with the one true God. Chapters one and two of Genesis focus on the creation of the Earth. According to Genesis 1:3-4, “God created light on the first day and He separated it from darkness.” He continued to speak the Earth into creation for six days and on the seventh day He rested. During this time of creation, God created man and woman. Adam and Eve were the first two human beings who had a true relationship with God up until the Fall. The Fall occurs in chapters three through five where Eve eats from the fruit of the tree that God told them specifically not to eat. She gave it to Adam also. This is the first sin, and a broken relationship with God the Creator. After the Fall, sin continued and still exists to this day. The Flood takes place in chapters six through nine. God flooded the Earth due to all the wickedness in the world. He destroyed all of man-kind along with the Earth, yet he spared Noah’s life because he was a righteous man in His sight. God’s intentions were to destroy all the Earth and restore creation. The story of the tower of Babel
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