Analysis Of The Book ' Genesis '

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All throughout recorded time the human race has made written sources to recall the events that occurred during their lifetime. The farther that one looks back in time the harder it will be to discover what it was actually like. Upon looking into the time of human creation and early civilized human life it is nearly impossible to find a source that can tell exactly what happened. There is one source that has a theory which has proven to be fairly reliable: the book of Genesis. It not only provides a story of creation, but also gives one an inside look at what life was like during the early days of human civilization. It follows the family of Abram, later known as Abraham, a descendant of Noah. The story follows him through his travels from his homeland to the land which God wishes him to settle. Although the story follows the life of Abraham, a prevalent theme that can be found throughout the whole story is this one of a vengeful, but forgiving God. The idea of a vengeful God is first prevalent in the garden of Eden after Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge. God punished the serpent by removing his limbs and making him crawl around on the ground for all of the days of his life. God then punished Adam and Eve by sending them out of the garden into the world (Crumb). This just shows how unforgiving he is and what extremes he takes offences too. He did that because Adam and Eve ate from a tree that he put right there to tempt them, and then told them not to eat from…
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