Analysis Of The Book ' George Sherston '

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George Sherston, the main character of Sherston’s Progress, is a curious mentality for the reader to decipher. As a victim of Shell Shock, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) he is persistently grappling with understanding his own mind and this becomes the task of the reader as well. Due to this omnipresent task, one becomes a psychoanalyst of George. The only difference between Rivers and the reader is that Rivers actually interacts with George while the reader can only sit back and watch. I will be investigating the first section of the book to better understand the character Rivers. The jump point for my psychoanalysis begins where the reader begins, the opening title. Rivers, the first part of Sherston’s Progress, named after his psychologist. The choice makes the reader think, why Rivers? Who is Rivers to George besides simply a psychologist? The first note George gives us about Rivers which jumps out to me is the following: “anyhow his name had obvious free associations with pleasant landscapes and unruffled estuaries.” Initially this seems just happen stance but in further reading of the book, one realizes that nature is personal comfort of George’s. Rivers is the only character in the semi fictional autobiography to maintain his real name and this puts him in a seemingly elevated position within Sassoon’s life. Just the act of creating a fictionalized version of an autobiography demonstrates a want to recreate one’s life. Much like George

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