Analysis Of The Book Gig Americans Talk About Their Jobs

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In the book GiG Americans Talk About Their Jobs, include 100’s of interviews of different people with different jobs that provide personal achievements, and goals that give these individuals the strive to work. These reasonings of why we should work point out much more than money being the outcome. Each individual interviewee has a different reason for why they work, what makes them strive to work, what makes their job’s worth going to each day. From selected interviews “Wal-Mart Greeter”, “Clutter Consultant”, “Lobbyist”, and “Orthopedic Surgeon” each represented different reasons of work;the four that stood out most to me included: Self-worth, appreciation from clients, political belief goals, and mental fulfillment. In the “Wal-Mart Greeter” interview in GiGi, Jim Churchman reason we should work is that working gives us self-worth. Jim states, “My favorite thing about the job is the fact that I have a job. It’s a lot better than sitting around home, you know?”(4). Jim Churchman’s idea and reasoning for work is inspiring because of the positivity he brings to the table about his job. Churchman could have continued to just be retired playing golf, but he chose to continue working because he knew he was able to, and wanted to continue his life around people rather than just sitting at home. Churchman describes going from pulling freight and stocking to becoming the greeter as,” I thought, I don’t know if I can handle that. I don’t know if I can be effervescent all the time”
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