Analysis Of The Book ' Great Expectations '

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Letter Essay, Great Expectations By Leona Markose
One of the books I have recently read is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. It introduces the reader a rather unique approach into the subject of social class. Throughout the book, Pip, the main character is faced with many challenges that shape him into who he is.
We first meet Pip on Christmas eve around the 1800s. While out in the church graveyard to pray across the graves of his late family, Pip meets an escaped convict. His eyes wide in fear, he listens as the convict demands that he steal food and a file for him. Pip, extremely shaken, goes home (where he lives with his older sister and her lovely husband Joe Gargery) and somehow manages to steal the requested items and provide it to the convict. The next day, he witnesses soldiers recapturing the convict. Instead of a sense of relief he feels more a sense of loss… This is insight into Pips natural personality of compassion. We don’t see many examples of this in the book and I was a bit surprised at the abruptness of this evidence.
Soon after, Miss Havisham, a queer old spinster (who somehow ended up with too much money to know what to do with) asks Pip 's uncle to find her a boy to ‘play with´. Little does he know that this day is the beginning to the rest of his life. The first visit is bit odd, but he grows to find comfort in the dreary house.…
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