Analysis Of The Book ' Great Writers '

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Have you ever read the first chapter of a book and thought to yourself, what is this person talking about? Writers sometimes get carried away with big words and long drawn out sentences, ultimately missing their own point. When in reality what they’re really doing is taking up space on a page. Great writers recognize that it’s not about the complexity of their words that makes them good at writing, but how effective they are at getting their message across to readers. A writer should understand that the over use of words and drawn out sentences only bores and confuses the reader; making the reader less interested in what the writer has to say. The most important stage when writing an essay is getting your message across to your readers effectively, by avoiding wordiness, redundancy, and word complexity. Writers should avoid wordiness by getting straight to the point of their message quickly and directly. By using wordy drawn out sentences, writers allow readers to tune out their message; which can lead to readers missing vital information. No one wants to hear a writer discuss the color of an apple for an entire chapter. Get to the point. A reader wants to be intrigued by your perspective and what you have to say. Readers enjoy an essay or book that keeps them on the edge of their seats. A writer should understand when it’s time to stop and let go of a thought. As stated by Patricia O’Conner, “when it’s time to start another sentence, start another sentence (O’Conner,

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