Analysis Of The Book ' Head Chef '

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Chapter One: The Story of My Search Since my birth I have loved food, art, and creation, so I started cooking. Food is amazing in the way that there are no limitations. The art of cooking is limitless, a countless number of ingredients, ways to cook them, and tools to do what you wish with the food. Food is not only a tasty treat, but an art form, something that goes overlooked and underappreciated in our strange American culture. I know that to become a chef it takes years of experience and technique. Infact, the title of “head chef” is very coveted and respected. It is fairly rare to become a head chef when you are first hired, unless you have several years of experience and were a former head chef at another restaurant. Restaurants like to choose staff they already are familiar with because they are assured that they are well qualified and dedicated, plus the large bonus of already knowing the kitchen, staff, and the menu.
I would like to know where to start on a career path of cooking. How do I get to the prestigious level of chef? What can I do in high school? What is the day to day like life of a chef? What training will I need to become a chef? I would like to learn how to cook on a basic level in my high school career and later on, after culinary school and some experience, carry on my career. I can become a successful chef if I know where to start, know basic training, what to do in high school, what the income is, and what the day to day life is like. The first

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