Analysis Of The Book ' Heartless '

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Heartless The best way to get a four spot on the Billboard Hot 100, is by rapping about something everyone will go through, a heartbreak. That is what Kanye West did in “Heartless,” a song about a heartbreak he went through with former fiancee Alexis Phifer. The song debuted as a single but was later put on his 808s & Heartbreaks album. The song explains nearly everything about his relationship. They both made mistakes, but she’d act as if hers were minor. That is why he states, “I’m gonna take of tonight.” He emphasizes the word tonight, to prove he is exhausted and wants to be taken seriously. But he then argues himself by asking why they always end up late night on the phone. Which proves who is the intended audience. Simply, anyone that has gone through something similar, sometimes ends up on the phone with them late night with remorse. West’s tone in is angry in this song. He was tired of his ex-fiancee, who left him at his lowest point. When his mother had passed away just months before he was finished working on this album. Both of the women that he loved the most have left his life, in an instant. Kanye just began working on his music as a way to overlook the trials set ahead of him. He released this song and it was only the second time he used auto tune. Apparently auto tune can get you a 5x platinum record, mind that’s five million sales. First, the song shows what love can actually do to you as a whole. It can make you feel like you lost a piece of yourself
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