Analysis Of The Book ' Heaven Is For Real '

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Book Review of Heaven is for Real "Daddy, you know I almost died. When I was screaming for you after surgery, that 's because I just came back from Heaven" (Burpo 44). Imagine hearing this from your four-year-old son after an emergency surgery where doctors said he may not survive. When Colton Burpo was four-years-old he had a ruptured appendix and had to go into surgery leaving his parents in tears wondering if he was going to survive. Together with Colton 's father and author, Todd Burpo, we discover how Colton 's three minutes in Heaven are a direct reflection of stories in The Bible. Reading Todd 's novel you quickly recognize how talented a writer he is as he ties in literary devices, squeezes in ambitious and powerful words, demonstrates patience, includes facts, and places descriptive sentences into his work. Are you looking to expand your religious education, as well as strengthen your belief that Heaven is for Real? Take your mind on a journey with Todd Burpo to learn about four-year-old Colton Burpo 's trip to Heaven and back. "The family trip when our nightmare began was supposed to be a celebration" (Burpo 1). You may be surprised to hear that this was the first line of the novel. Immediately you are pulled into the story with a one liner demonstrating foreshadowing, followed by a flashback. I appreciate how Todd immediately reels you into the story and already has the reader wanting to know everything about the "nightmare." In Heaven is for Real there 's

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