Analysis Of The Book ' His Excellency George Washington ' By Joseph J. Ellis

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Everyone knows George Washington as the first president, but most people do not know his other roles in the creation of the United States of America. In Joseph J. Ellis’s book, His Excellency George Washington, Ellis tells about Washington’s life. He includes his time as a general in the Revolutionary War, his life in retirement after the war, and also his time as the president. Ellis’s main focus in the book is to paint a picture for the reader so it almost feels like they are right next to Washington as his life is explained. The information in his book allows for readers to have a better understanding of what Washington went through in his life and also ,at times, gives educated guesses on what Washington might have been thinking. Through this book, it is easy to see why George Washington is referred to as one of the greatest Americans to ever live. Washington had many tough decisions in his life that pulled him in every direction and called for him to think every decision through. One of these decisions, and probably the one that was on his mind the most, was the idea of the emancipation of slavery. As it is stated on page 164, Washington told his manager, Lund Washington, that he wanted to abandon slave labor at Mount Vernon and replace it with hired workers. Eventually he began to lose profits so he debated selling his slaves. His heart would not allow for him to split up families, so he was forced to deal with the consequences of using hired laborers. Another

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