Analysis Of The Book ' Hosea ' Essay

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Hosea is a polemic against idolatry and spiritual infidelity in the nation of Israel while providing hope for the repentant of restored covenant relationship with God. The author in no uncertain terms condemns those who look to anything other than God to satisfy them or meet their needs, whether political (5:13; 7:3-7, 8-12), financial (4:2) or spiritual (13:2), God alone is all-sufficient. The author uses many different styles when writing the story of Hosea, he is both technical and logically persuasive when condemning the sins of Israel and the subsequent response of judgment from God. He mimics Israelite courtroom language, declaring that God is bringing a charge against the people (4:1), and then thoroughly lays out the specific offenses they have committed. On the other hand, the author also evokes emotion, both by using the story of Hosea and Gomer showcasing marital imagery between God and Israel but also by graphically revealing the heart and emotion of God, who declares, “My heart recoils within me: my compassion grows warm and tender” (11:8) when thinking about his beloved bride. The argument is both detailed and logical (I.e. Israel has sinned, will not repent, and thus they will be judged), but also an emotionally captivating and persuasive saga of God’s unrelenting love for a bride who is utterly undeserving. As aforementioned, the writing of Hosea, begins as a well formed and tightly structured arrangement but most of the discourse are repetitive and
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