Analysis Of The Book ' How Of Be Black ' By Baratunde Thurston

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Baratunde Thurston book, How to be Black, paints hilarious comedic memoir of the authors life growing up black. In his book, Baratunde gives you a guide for anyone wanting to be befriend or work with a group of African American individuals or challenge those who claim to speak for all African American individuals. The book is not only filled with comedic advice but paints his childhood during the worst crack addict neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Baratunde Thurston is the CEO and co-founder of Cultivated Wit and co-host of the podcast About Race. When Thurston went to school, his teachers shortened his name — which means "one who is chosen" in Nigeria — and started calling him "Barrington." They later shortened it to "Barry.""Baratunde was a little strange for them," he says. "I was a child and had no freedom, so I was 'Barrington ' and then 'Barry ' and then in 7th grade, it just clicked for me. My name 's Baratunde. It 's a great name. People should call me that."It took some time, but Thurston eventually retrained his classmates to call him Baratunde.
"American-born black people don 't have that much of a reaction, because American blacks are used to interesting names in our community," he says. "And then from white Americans, it 's the assumption of, 'Well, you have to have a nickname ' or 'What does it mean? ' Because it has to have some sort of superdeep meaning. So the name for me became a prism, because Baratunde has such a strong sound ... so it signals to

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