Analysis Of The Book ' Huckleberry Finn '

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As its title suggests, the main character and protagonist of the story is Huckleberry Finn. He is the narrator of the story who desires to be free from the restraining life that he was given from the widow. He is an observational boy who knows how to survive outdoors and will try to get out of any situation. During the course of the story his conscience often bothers him about the consequences of his actions such as freeing Jim and how an event will affect the people involved such as during a scam. This ties into the theme of conscious versus instilled beliefs or survival instinct. External conflicts he faces include forces of nature such as storms or fog, avoiding capture and return to the widow, antagonism from his father, trying to get away from and avoid trouble with the Duke and king, and eventually trying to free Jim. The internal conflicts he has are deciding on whether or not to return Jim to the widow or let him continue on his way, determining whether to help the Wilkes daughter who were being scammed or save himself, and trying to figure out the best courses of action when confronted with an obstacle. In the end, it turns out Jim was freed by the widow’s will, so Huck decided to go west to be free from civilization. The secondary protagonist of the story in an African American runaway slave named Jim. He provides companionship and assistance to Huck as the two are both fugitives. He is also one of the sources of internal conflict Huck Finn faces, that being that
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