Analysis Of The Book ' Huckleberry Finn '

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According to Carson-Newman College, a literary canon is a body of literature traditionally thought to be suitable for study. Based on this broad definition of the term literary canon, the reader is left wondering whether or not Huckleberry Finn deserves its place in our literary canon? Many people like Jane Smiley, are against it being part of our literary canon for multiple reasons. For example, she is against it because of the appearance of racism and the events throughout the book. However, despite all the criticism this book faces, one point the critics do not consider is the influence this book has on modern American culture and also about how the novel is “a novel of education.” Another thing it fails to recognize is that the criticized elements were part of Mark Twain’s period. Regarding this book’s place in our literary canon, Huckleberry Finn’s uniqueness, as well as its influence on people 's life, are what make this a great novel to study, and make it fit the criteria for being part of our literary canon. Huckleberry Finn has always been claimed to be American classical, which is where arguments of its place in our literary canon are based off. This novel deserves its place in our literary canon due to its use of ordinary speech and a variety of dialects that makes it easier for the reader to make a connection to each of the characters and also be able to draw a conclusion from each one of them. During the time this novel was written in the American history, a
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