Analysis Of The Book ' I Ain 't Preachin '

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Passage and Page Number: "I ain 't preachin ' no more much. The sperit ain 't in the people much no more; and worse 'n that, the sperit ain 't in me no more. 'Course now an ' again the sperit gets movin ' an ' I rip out a meetin ', or when folks sets out food, I give 'em a grace, but my heart ain 't in it. I on 'y do it 'cause they expect it." pg.27 Reference: When Tom Joad sees Jim Casy as he walks to the Joad ranch after being dropped off from the truck, he asks Jim Casy if he preaches anymore because he remembers Jim Casy as a preacher. Jim Casy says he does not preach anymore because he does not believe in God. After he went into the forest and rediscovered more about life, he changed the way. Jim Casy has moved on from what he used to do to a new understanding to religion and life. Commentary: This passage is very significant in knowing where Jim Casy is coming from. This passage also shows that after Jim Casy went into the forest, he became a changed man. He begins to represent the prophet and leads the Joad family spiritually. He finds his own definition of spirituality and somewhat represents transcendentalism. His philosophy is different from what the Christianity is and he decides not to be a preacher anymore. Through his teachings throughout the novel, he has become a spiritual guide for the Joad family as they head west to California. His philosophy is also similar to the other new variations to the Christianity where Mormons for example have their own

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