Analysis Of The Book ' I Am '

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At the beginning of the novel, I am immediately implanted a general impression of McTeague, a clumsily single-minded giant, who operates his own dental practice and goes about his daily routine with satisfaction: he would sit “at the bay window” (1) “reading the paper” (1) and “[gorging] with steam beer” (1) and even play regularly on his concertina. “Moving his immense limbs” (2) slowly and ponderously, McTeague looks like a “draught horse, immensely strong, stupid, docile, obedient” (3). Worse than that, his “mind was as his body, heavy, slow to act, sluggish” (2). But thanks to his barbaric mind, he is not saddened by his terrible appearance; instead he feels that his life is quite a success with the dental practice guaranteeing him a stable income, that “he could hope for nothing better” (3). He is never fed up with his repetitive days, and the only enjoyment in his tedious life probably is to appreciate the panorama of the urban street from his bay window, “where the world goes past” (6). No matter the various shops or people from all walks of life, from seven o’ clock in the morning to eleven in the evening, never fail to interest him. Besides that, the other way that could connect McTeague with the outside world is Marcus. Unlike his friend, McTeague is introversive and indifferent to the society and neighborhood, knowing nothing except for his routine. Therefore, he is frequently bewildered by Marcus while listening to his political tirade with admiration; but he
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