Analysis Of The Book ' I Love You ' Essay

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Chapter 1 Winston had left his Cubicule to go to the lavatory where he notices the dark-haired girl, it seems she had crushed her hand while swinging one of the big kaleidoscopes which was common in fiction department. She fell and slipped something into his hand. Winston can’t help but wonder what’s on the paper but wait to not draw suspension. The message on the paper read “I love you” much to Winston’s surprise. All day Winston couldn’t help but think of the girl he even went to the community center; the words gave him a desire to stay alive. Winston tries to plan an encounter with this girl. Winston did not touch his diary during these days and found comfort in his work. Winston met the girl in the canteen and in low voices determined a place to meet up victory square, at victory square a convoy of Eurasian prisoners appeared which was used to mask their meeting. She told him to go to Paddington station. Winston remarks that he doesn’t even know what her eyes look like, the worse part is he doesn’t even know what her name is. She might not even know what his name is, she must have picked him out because she realizes he’s not brain-washed. The I love you note could simply be a tactic to see if he has potential to join the brother hood or is a trap by the thought police. Chapter 2 Winston met the dark- haired girl in the center of the woods, away from anything that could be watching or listening. They kiss and Winston found out her name is Julia. Julia appears to be
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