Analysis Of The Book ' In Brooklyn '

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In Brooklyn, the author, Colm Tóibín, tells a coming-of-age immigration story set in the 1950s about Eilis Lacey, a young woman from Enniscorthy, Ireland. Eilis travels from her hometown in County Wexford to Brooklyn, New York with the help of Father Flood and her sister, Rose. Eilis is confronted with homesickness, love, and identity crisis throughout the story. Although Brooklyn is about Eilis’s journey, Rose plays an important role in her life. Rose is Eilis’s older sister who still lives at home with Eilis and their mother. Rose helps support them with money for food, movies, clothes and even Eilis’s schooling by working in the office of Davis’s Mills. While in Brooklyn, Eilis and Rose send letters back and forth until Rose suddenly dies in her sleep and leaves their mother all alone. Colm Tóibín’s creates Rose to be the heroic character of the novel. Initially Rose does seem manipulative but soon proves to be a hero. In this essay I will argue that Rose is not completely manipulative, but that she is actually a combination of both heroism and manipulation; she is a helpful person who sometimes uses manipulation to achieve this. In the beginning of Brooklyn, Eilis gets a job as a shopkeeper for Miss Kelly’s grocery store and Rose disapproves of it. When Rose gets the opportunity to play golf with an American priest, Father Flood, she invites him for tea. Eilis soon realizes that Rose “tacitly arranged” for Father Flood to come to the house because she knew that
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