Analysis Of The Book ' Insurgent '

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Natasha Eves
Mrs. Browning
Honors English 11
1 October 2014
Insurgent, Veronica Roth, 544 pages
Character Analysis Beatrice “Tris” Prior: Tris is the narrator in the book Insurgent, also the main character and protagonist. She is very willing, independent, and strong sixteen-year-old-girl. But she also fears being powerless, and not being able to escape. Tobais Eaton: Also known as Four, is one of the main protagonist’s. Four is the instructor of the new initiates and Tris’ lover. Caleb Prior: Caleb is the brother of Tris, Caleb was working with Jeanine at first but successfully escape and went to Factionless by train later in the book.

Four, Caleb, Tris, and some others start the book by traveling to Amity. Tris hears Marcus talking to the Amity speaker, Johanna. She overhears that the Abnegation’s leader died to protect something very secret. Tris later asks Marcus about this, but he doesn’t tell her anything. Dauntless and Erudite arrive at Amity Headquarters to detain the Abnegation. During this, one Erudite woman aims at Peter, and Tris saves his life, unintentionally. Tris, Caleb, Susan, and Four somehow manage to escape and jump onto a moving train. The train was full of armed factionless, amongst them, former Dauntless initate Edward, who takes them to a factionless safe zone. The roup is lead to the factionless leader, Evelyn, (Four’s mother) who was thought to be dead. Tris overhears another conversation, this one between Evelyn and Four.…
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