Analysis Of The Book ' Ishmael By Daniel Quinn

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The ancient Greeks have taught humans many lessons that have shaped the lives and actions of people in today’s society. These lessons can be found everywhere; in greek myths, plays, or in books influenced by the ancient Greeks. The lessons taught in these stories can be seen everyday in the actions of the people in this world. There is a countless number of things that the Greeks have taught us. One of, if not the most important one is, having hubris or hubristic qualities inevitably leads to consequences. One way the Greeks have demonstrated that hubris inevitably leads to consequences is when one believes they are better than a god or higher power, it always comes back to hurt them. In many greek stories humans have exhibited this hubristic quality, and they always were punished for it. One example of this is in the book Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. In this book Ishmael tells the narrator a story about an aircraft, which was a metaphor for what life is like today. In this story there is a man who wants to achieve flight. Although he didn’t know this, the way that he tries to meet this goal of flying goes against the laws of aerodynamics. Because of this the man and the aircraft carrying him go into free fall and eventually crash. This demonstrates that if one thinks they are better than a higher power, they get punished, because that man tried to go against the higher power of the laws of aerodynamics and it led to his destruction. Another example of this hubristic action

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