Analysis Of The Book ' Jeannette Walls '

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“He [Jeannette’s father, Rex] will not keep me out of harm’s way, he will put me in harm’s way and I have to find a way to remove myself from the situation.” (Diversity Connection). I feel like this quote, from Jeannette, came t directly from the situation where Rex took her out to the bar to help him earn money for alcohol, but yet she still doesn’t see herself as a victim. Even though Jeannette Walls was the victim of sexual abuse at a very young age, she tries to recreate the freedom from her childhood into her adult life, But in her younger years where she has no occupational activities, no nurturing, no money and no friends to turn to, it proves to be very hard to maintain. Living in Battle Mountain, her and the other kids like to…show more content…
She has no sympathy that her daughter was just sexually assaulted by a family member, even though about 60% of children who are sexually abused are abused by the people the family trusts (“Darkness to Light End Child Sexual Abuse”). Rex and Rose Mary tell Jeanette that she will be fine and that she can handle herself. They are too busy trying to pretend that their financial situation is okay to truly care about Jeannette being sexually assaulted. Money. It makes people hungry of just the thought of it. This is another thing that causes Jeanette’s sexual abuse. Her father, Rex, is so fed up with the idea of money to feed his alcoholism that he brings Jeanette with him to a bar so that he can gamble with Robbie, allowing him to manhandle Jeannette the whole time. Robbie dances, gropes, and makes inappropriate approaches towards her, and after Rex wins money, he ‘gives his blessing’ for Jeanette to go with Robbie up to his apartment, where he tries to use Jeanette for her body. Most perpetrators look for specific qualifications from their victims, particularly for troubled, lonely children from broken homes (“Darkness to Light End Child Sexual Abuse”). I think this is why it is so easy for Robbie to try and take advantage of Jeannette. It is made obvious that she is a troubled girl from a broken household. Rex is so fed up with the idea of money, that he doesn’t even remember the importance of his daughter’s safety. Money feeds his

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