Analysis Of The Book ' Job From The Hebrew Bible '

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Job’s Character
The book of Job from the Hebrew Bible is thought to be written by Job himself. The book is an example of faithfulness as Job loses everything important to him and through it all remains faithful to God. The books purpose is to illustrate God’s sovereignty and faithfulness during a time of great suffering. The writings of Job indicate that the true power of the devil is not what it appears to be and God is always in control. It solidifies that there is nothing that happens without God having a part in it including what the devil is given permission to do. In the book of Job, the description begins with the devil chastising Job while he is at the gates of heaven. Job was a family man having seven sons and three daughters. Job was also wealthy he owned an abundance of farmland and animals. He was a man of integrity, blameless, upright in character, and feared God. The devil tries to criticize Job indicating that he only serves God because God is protecting him. The devil wants to test Job and try to prove that Job only trusts God because nothing bad has ever happened to him. God gives the devil permission to test Job. He allows the devil to do anything but harm him. Job ends up losing his family, his riches, and his health. Throughout all of Job 's hardships, he proved to be blameless, upright, and God-fearing.
Job was a man described as blameless, meaning: he was innocent and turned away from evil (Job 1:1-3). God believed that Job was a whole hearted man,

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