Analysis Of The Book ' Joyas Voladoras ' By Brian Doyle

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“Joyas Voladoras” Essay “Joyas Voladoras,” written by Brian Doyle, is a thought provoking text. It focuses on hummingbird hearts, whale hearts, and human emotions. Brian Doyle is a writer that wrote books such as The Wet Engine: Exploring the Mad Miracle of the Heart, which “Joyas Voladoras” is a segment of. His son, Liam, was born with a missing chamber in his heart, which most likely prompted him to write this text. Most of his book is about the doctor that saved his son’s life. In the text, the underlying message he is sending us is that even if we, by nature, are limited to a short life, we should live to be the best we can be, live up to our full potential. In beginning of “Joyas Voladoras,” Doyle mostly talks about hummingbirds and their hearts. He explains how hummingbirds live up to their full potential when he states, “Each the most amazing thing you have never seen, each thunderous wild heart the size of an infant’s fingernail, each mad heart silent, a brilliant music stilled” (pg. 30, lines 36-39). Basically, even though they die fast, they live to be amazing, beautiful, creatures. That’s just about the best they can do, it’s what they were meant to be in the world. They are doing what they were brought into the world to do, and that is all you can expect them to do. Doyle makes this even clearer by saying, “They had never seen such creatures… more than three hundred species of them whirring and zooming” (pg. 29, lines 6-10). They are unique, they are the

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