Analysis Of The Book ' Julius Caesar With My Class '

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Recently I have gotten the chance to read the book play, Julius Caesar with my

class. Although it’s hard to understand at times, and it’s long and boring. I’ve learned a

lot from the play already. Throughout this paper, I’m going teach you and explain to you

one of the things I learned. This one thing I learned is going to be the main point of my

paper, with extras around it, that one thing is “What is a roman tribune?” and “Why are

Marullus and Flavius, worried about Caesar?” This play is full of twist and turns, by the

end of this paper, you will have an answer to both the questions.

In this play there are several different types of Roman Tribunes, some that hold

higher powers than others. One of the highest tribunes is Brutus, then there’s

Cassius, and several more. I named these two mainly because they play a huge part in

this play. They are one of few that actually hold some type of power in the play, and their

“close” to one of the highest powers there is. This higher power you might ask? Goes by

the name of Julius Caesar.

Since Pompey died, the head person in charge, the king. Since he died, Caesar has

attempted to take his place. Although Caesar is the new highest power, he isn’t as high a

he wants to be. While he’s trying to get to the top, there are some of his tribunes that

don’t want him to be the highest power, because other than them, no one knows how

Caesar really is. Caesar isn’t aware o this, he thinks that everything is
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