Analysis Of The Book Justices : What Is The Right Thing Essay

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What is justice? In real life, we all look forward to fairness, and do things according to its fairness, but most of us do not have a profound understanding of justice. In the book Justices: What Is The Right Thing To Do? Michael J. Sandel searches and explores the meaning of justices, and he invites all the readers to discuss about many controversies that raised in today’s society. Sandel exams major approaches to define justices from utilitarianism, libertarianism to freedom, and he believes that thinking about justices will engage us to think about the best way to live. There are some topics that encourages the readers to think and develop. Although some choices are difficult, we are not willing to face this kind of dilemma. How are we deal with choices that we made and not regret the decision at the end? I will be analysis strengths and weaknesses of the arguments in the following paragraphs.
Critical analysis
In the beginning of the chapter, Sandel describes a popular social phenomenon, which is price gouging. After the Hurricane Charley, many Floridians were pressured under the inflated prices, so price gouging law comes into the place to control the price. However, pro-marketer believes that goods and services can allocated freely in the market, sellers could charge a higher price when there are more demands for it. So, is it wrong for the sellers to take advantage of the market demand when people are devastated from Hurricane? As we can see, this is not a
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