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Kebab Serai story began in Turkey and travelled to the other side of the world to bring the best tasting Turkish food to New Zealand.
Risking everything Raouf Co-founder of Kebab Serai took his family and secret recipes and moved to Auckland, New Zealand. Raouf 's vision was to build a Kebab store that consistently served fresh, fast and tasty food, made from high quality ingredients.
After a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights the dream became reality in 2002. The first store opened in Auckland in the heart of Birkenhead, North Shore City and the name 'Kebabs Serai ' was born.
From then on the success of the concept saw the company grow continuously. Now in New Zealand four main Branches’ are at Birkenhead, Browns bay, Remuera and Mt Albert.
Kebab Serai is well known for its exceptionally good food, and people come from far and wide to sample it. It has Donor kebabs and “On Rice" Combo which includes 420mL Drink with Standard Salad Lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, hummus & your choice of sauce and choice of: Chicken, Lamb, Mixed (Lamb & Chicken), Falafel &Sauces.
The promotions of Kebab Serai are mostly done on television, radio or internet .These sales promotions are mainly directed by the Kebab Serai Company to the costumers as an up selling device.
A brief study of local competitors of Kebab Serai National Competition
• Kebab on queen: offers consumers their choice of meat (lamb, chicken or mix), sauces, and ingredients, allowing the customer to assemble their

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