Analysis Of The Book ' Knight's Chocolate '

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Knight’s Chocolate Roman Knight enjoy chocolate very much and curious in how it was made, so he and his sister decided to experiment with chocolate and candy recipes at their mom kitchen years before Roman decides to open his chocolate store. Roman was so fascinated with how chocolate and candy was made he decided to visit candy and chocolate makers, so that they would teach him the process of making chocolate and confections. After Roman got the confidence to do chocolate and confection on his own. Also, he acquired the very best ingredient to start making his own special recipes. Moreover, in the spring of 1956, Roman Knight opened his first chocolate shop in the Dandelion Meadows in Houston.
The Beginning of Knight’s Chocolates
After Roman opens his shop in 1956 it didn’t become successful overnight. It took years before it became well known in Houston. That didn’t discourage Roman he continues to cater to the people that did know of his little cute, old-fashioned chocolate shop. After years of struggling, his business turned a corner and started getting some popularity among the Houstonians. Therefore, he felt that he should get some help, so he hired some of his family members to work at the chocolate shop. Roman really enjoyed bringing his two worlds together his family and his passion for chocolate.
Knight’s Chocolates were rapidly getting a reputation for being the “finest premium handmade confectionery” in Houston. As a result, he decides to unveil his new…
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