Analysis Of The Book ' Lament For A Son '

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Stages of Grief
The book, Lament For a Son, written by Nicholas Wolterstorff talks about his pain and grief after losing his 25-year-old son (Joy, 2009). His son died while on a mountain-climbing expedition. Dr. Wolterstorff has several books published during his career as a philosophical theology professor in Yale Divinity. However, he wrote Lament for a Son with a different journal style since it is a personal thing for him. The book is similar to a journal as he narrates the events that happened before and after his son’s death. The emotions expressed in the book are common among people who lose close relatives. What matters is how a person handles the issue. Kubler-Ross invented the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptancethat explain the escalation of grief when stricken by bad news (Axelrod, 2004). The paper looks into the book and its relation to the five stages of grief.
Question 1
As demonstrated by the five stages of grief, Dr. Wolterstorff suffers greatly emotionally as he deals with his son’s death. In a bid to settle his depression, he reads the Bible on similar experiences that people had (Wolterstorff, 1987). He finds hope after reading and comprehending about Jesus Christ life, death, and resurrection. The story gives him hope that one day his son, Eric, will resurrect one day because God has the power to make such things possible. Dr. Wolterstorfffinally accepts the fact that Eric died, but he will see him in…
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