Analysis Of The Book ' Lamentations, Psalm 137

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During this time we see that the people of Jerusalem are in exile and it seems like the people have lost faith in the Lord as their lives come down in ruins. Only a few survived as Jeremiah said and these few people who survived will be given a new beginning from God. God has not abandoned his people, He sends these voices to His people to reassure them and lead them as if He is their shepherd. And during this time there have been a lot of powerful feelings being expressed whilst interpreting their faith. A few examples of this movement during Exile would include the Book of Lamentations, Psalm 137, the Book of Habakkuk and finally the Book of the Prophet Obadiah. The Book of Lamentations is considered to be five poems that were said by tradition to be composed by the prophet Jeremiah after he knew Jerusalem would fall. The poems manage with the obliteration of the city and the occasions nearly identified with that occasion, an unnerving knowledge that seriously tried the faith of the individuals who put their trust in Yahweh. The poems depict some of these terrors. Jerusalem was set under attack, and starvation drove the individuals to hopelessness. Psalm 137 has a mixture of a soft humming melancholy and fierce patriotism of the Judeans. This Psalm is made for Israel in her captivity. Released us over it, taking its commonplace significance. At the point when an adherent is in captivity he has a troubled recognition of Zion. So it was with God 's aged individuals: "By

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