Analysis Of The Book ' Leading From The Second Chair '

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The book Leading From the Second Chair discusses what it is like to lead from the second chair. This was a semi-new concept for me. I have always heard of leadership and know that it is something special, however, I never thought of leading from the second chair. This phrase means being a leader but not the person in charge. This is something that is foreign to me. I have always though that a leader is in charge of their section and other leaders are in charge of their section and eventually they come together to put it all together. However, though going through the experience of my internship and going through this book and leadership class I have learned that this is not the case. When you lead from the second chair you are…show more content…
pastor. A Sr. pastor is over the whole church and untimely is where most people look when they see problems going on in the church. The Sr. pastor tends to be the face of the church, just as the president is the face for the United States. To be a second chair leader to the pastor you are either an associate minister, or a small specific type of minister, for example youth, children’s, young adults, and so on and so forth. So if you are an associate minister, at least in the United Methodist Church, you may want your Sr. pastors job but you do not really have any say who will get it or not, so most of the time you just do not fight with them. If you are a small specific type of minister you more than likely do not want the Sr. pastor’s job because that is not where your calling is or you would not be doing this job. While that is the basis of the structure it is also important to remember that while the Sr. pastor is over those in the second chair more likely than not the Sr. pastor wants your input on things and wants you to succeed. If your Sr. pastor does not want you to succeed then you need to find a different job. With that in mind the first chair is not some one that you should fight with over things but someone you should listen to and bounce ideas off of. I currently use this information while at my internship. Every week I meet with my Sr. pastor to go over the things that I am doing in
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