Analysis Of The Book ' Lean On '

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Dr. Ray Montagno Regular Assignment 5 – Book Review “Lean In” Ethics (601) – Spring Semester 2015 Aniketh Ramname The book “Lean In” is written by Sheryl Sandberg, who is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Facebook. Sheryl Sandberg has been ranked eight on Fortune’s list of the 50 most powerful women in business and has become one of America’s most galvanizing leaders, and an icon for millions of women juggling work and family. The book ‘Lean In’ was an outcome of the TEDTalk, which she gave in 2010 expressing concerns about the stagnation of progress for women in achieving major leadership positions. Lean In is a provocative and inspiring book about women and power. Ms. Sandberg throughout the book urges women to take risk and seek new challenges, to find work that they love, and to remain passionately engaged with that work at the highest levels throughout their lives, which I thought is relevant for women to succeed not just at work, but at family front as well. I found the book very interesting to read and in fact, as soon as I completed reading the book, I recommended reading this book to my sister and many of my female friends back in India, who I thought were in similar situation as most women described by Ms. Sandberg in the book, trying to find the right balance between family and work and on the verge of quitting job. The book is issue based and practitioner oriented offering solutions to the issues. The book made me realize that women work in two shifts, i.e.,

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