Analysis Of The Book ' Leena El Natour '

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Leena El-Natour

Season 1 Episode 1
In her suburban master bedroom, Suzie McKinnon, stares at the plastic lizard labeled “Caymen Islands” on the shelf. Suzie is a traveler. She has gone on many cruises and vacations with her husband. She can’t remember going to the Islands. She can’t remember buying the lizard. She can’t even remember any moments of her marriage. She looks again at the lizard and explains that she makes assumptions about the vacation, but there is no personal connection.
Suzie’s life isn’t a story about someone who has lost their memories. She is unable to synthesize memories from her life experiences. Her inability to create autobiographical memories only limit her to ability to consciously recall her memories of prior activity. . “I know bits and pieces of stuff that happened,” she explains as she talks about her past. She is still able to identify herself. This is shown in her upbringing as a liberal white woman who married a black man against the will of her conservative Catholic father. Her personality is consistent with her pattern of feelings, including bashfulness and sensitivity. Suzie maintains hobbies, values, and beliefs. Sure, she can’t recall the past, but she maintains a firm grasp on the present.
Although episodic thinking and cognitive time travel are different, they work hand in hand to stream perceived information in order to segment it into the unconscious for future recall. Cognitive time travel and the brain’s extensive capabilities

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