Analysis Of The Book ' Leningrad '

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Leningrad: The message meant to change society’s views Billy Joel is an American singer and songwriter who toured Russia in the later days of the Cold War in the mid 1980’s. Billy Joel was the first American to tour any communist country since the Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and the raising of the Iron Curtain. Billy Joel, through the use of this Russian tour, was able to witness the Russian life first hand. During this tour he began to realize that not everything he had been taught about the Russians and the life they lived was entirely true. During the tour Joel became friends with a Man named Viktor who attended all of the performances during this tour. Billy Joel’s management learned about Viktor and set up a way for the pair to…show more content…
Billy Joel also makes it clear that we can not judge a group of people strictly on their leader’s actions because they do not necessarily represent the popular opinion that their nation’s people have. The song Leningrad is of interest to me because I am a musician myself and I play the piano as does Billy Joel. Music has always played a substantial role in my life so I decided to use a music as the artifact of this assignment. To me, it is interesting to find out how a popular song can change and affect the opinions and thinking of its listeners through the use of a mass media outlet. The average person does not typically take an analytical approach to a song to figure out the message behind it. It is also interesting that a listener can still be persuaded by a song’s message whether the listener knows it is happening or not. The use of song as a way to shed light on social situations has been around for many years and frequently these songs usually focus on issues on a more minor scale. Leningrad does the exact opposite by not only being used for entertainment but also by using a war that most people had grown up through and showing how we can help resolve these issues that caused the war. Approaching the song Leningrad from a theoretical understanding is useful in that it shows how Billy Joel uses his words and experiences with the Russian people to persuade and change the opinions that the American people have towards the Russian’s system of
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