Analysis Of The Book ' Leningrad '

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Leningrad: The message meant to change society’s views
Billy Joel is an American singer and songwriter who toured Russia in the later days of the Cold War in the mid 1980’s. Billy Joel was the first American to tour any communist country since the Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and the raising of the Iron Curtain. Billy Joel, through the use of this Russian tour, was able to witness the Russian life first hand. During this tour he began to realize that not everything he had been taught about the Russians and the life they lived was entirely true. During the tour Joel became friends with a Man named Viktor who attended all of the performances during this tour. Billy Joel’s management learned about Viktor and set up a way for the pair to meet. Billy Joel and Viktor began to talk about their lives growing up and found out they were not that different from each other and actually witnessed the same things growing up in their respective nations. As a result of this friendship, Joel wrote the song Leningrad for his album Storm Front to show the public how their opinions of the Russian people were often times false and obscured. The song Leningrad was such a hit that it was made into a single and the album Storm Front peaked at number one on the Billboard top two-hundred chart. The message of Leningrad that Billy Joel conveyed was that it is possible to get past differences and move forward regardless of the past and what you’ve been taught because in the end we are all just people…
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