Analysis Of The Book ' Leopold, Loeb, And The Murder That Chicago '

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Simon Baatz, an associate professor of history and historian has written an exceptional masterpiece “Leopold, Loeb, and the Murder that Chicago”. It was a crime that shocked the nation. It is a book based on a brutal murder in Chicago in 1924 of a child, by two wealthy students who killed solely for the thrill of the experience.
Baatz starts of the book by giving us a brief introduction of the victim Bobby Franks and his family. Bobby came from a rich family having one brother and sister. Bobby Frank’s father Jacob Franks was a wealthy Chicago watch manufacturer. On May 1924, Bobby left the house to umpire at an impromptu baseball between his school mates and never returned home. Jacob Franks’ friend Samuel Ettelson had connections in the police department and appointed state attorney Robert Crowe to personally work on the case.
Robert Crowe studied law at Yale University and become state attorney on 1917. He is famous for winning the case by imposing death penalty on Thomas Fitzgerald, who had plead guilty for the murder of 6-year-old Janet Wilkinson. Robert Crowe later prosecuted Leopold and Loeb with the same agenda, to give them both death penalty. He competed against famous Clarence Darrow.
On 1887, Clarence Darrow move from hometown of Ashtabula, Ohio to Chicago. He achieved his fame as an attorney after the successfully defending the members of the American Railway Union. He was he had the extraordinary knack for obtaining the best possible outcome in the

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