Analysis Of The Book ' Lord Of The Rings '

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“That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. . . and it’s worth fighting for.” said Sam in the awesome trilogy Of LOTR. From cheerful evenings in a hotel to intense battles in the middle of a doomed volcanic-evil-orc-ridden land, Lord of the Rings is an exhilarating adventure through the lands of Middle Earth. The following text you all about the characters, settings, and plots throughout the LOTR.
In order to understand the story, you will need to know the major characters in the story. Frodo is chosen to destroy the Ring, and in the course of this mission, he proves to be a brave and intelligent leader. Sam is a crucial characters in the success of the quest. He is Frodo’s companion throughout the series and also risks his own life for Frodo. Gandalf organizes the fight against Sauron, he made the Fellowship, and advises Frodo in his fight against evil. Aragon is the rightful king and heir of Isildur of Gondor. He is a close friend to Gandalf and to Frodo, and helps out them destroy the ring. Sauron is the Dark Lord of Mordor, he is the antagonist in the series and wants to take over Middle Earth. Gollum used to be Smeagol, a hobbit. He killed his friend for the ring and became obsessed with it. He helps them to Mordor but betrays them at the fires of Mt. Mordor.
Next, you will need to know where they travel through the series. Book 1 is in the Shire, a community of mostly hobbits. Bag End is in the Shire and is the home of Frodo, the hero. At the end of Book 1, a
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