Analysis Of The Book ' Mammoth Like Trucks '

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Mammoth-like trucks are followed by miniature cars as they constantly rumble and squeal, spraying detritus into the air. The sidewalks are enveloped in a dust cloud as crowds of people in long overcoats bustle through the street, jostling after another. Pubs and restaurants are scattered along the sides of the concrete pavement while the merry conversations of the people inside are drowned out by the quakes of the people who pass by. A small café sits at the side of the road, housing a single person while the sounds of the entire city pour in through every open crack and window. However, to that one person, the only sounds that matter are the scribbles and scratches of a pen. She is completely absorbed in her work, hunching over it…show more content…
In the book Outliers, sociologist Annette Lareau states that concerted cultivation is a middle class “parenting style” that attempts to actively “foster and assess a child’s talents, opinions and skills,” granting the child earlier advantages such as self esteem and additional education (Gladwell 104). In Rowling’s early childhood, she was often encouraged by those around her to write when she first showed an affinity towards writing. Both of Rowling’s parents were very fond of reading, and Rowling remembers that her childhood house was full of books, giving Rowling endless books to read ("JK Rowling Biography." , Bibliography). Her grandmother often praised her writing and gave her an autobiography of a female writer by the name of Jessica Mitford, inspiring Rowling to become a writer as well (“People’s World.”). By having parents who were fond of reading and an environment that gave her unlimited access to books, Rowling was exposed to what would later become her passion early on. Like her parents, Rowling learned to love reading, and her grandmother even encouraged her, pushing Rowling on the path of becoming a writer. As Rowling grew older, she would create stories specifically tailored for each of her friends during lunchtime, all centered around heroic deeds. Her friends were delighted to hear themselves placed into one of Rowling’s stories, and Rowling would constantly think of new and exciting tales in order to please them ("J. K. Rowling Biography." -
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